A few words: tailoring, craftsmanship and passion

Many years of studies on the ergonomics, seminars , lectures and the profound love for animals pushed the designers of “My BauHaus” to project a line of pet beds, with the advise of experts in the field to meet the needs of our best friends and to integrate  them into our living environment of luxury and design.

We gave particular attention to the materials and the constructive components to make the end product unique and lasting in time. All of the tissues used are water repellent,  anti stain and have a high resistance to abrasion. Tissue is easly removed  from the pillows and can be machine washed and dryed no ironing is needed. All dog beds are sustained by nylon tips to avoid any scratches on your floor surface. The structures are mainly from : steel rods, plates and wood and are projected for long lasting.

Custom made particularities are feasible upon special request, in order to make your pet bed even more unique and integrated in your environment.